Is it wrong that I'm so excited about getting my hair cut?

Actually, I'm thinking about not getting much cut at all...and that's the exciting part. After several years of extremely short hair, my stylist and I are in agreement that I'll be able to put my hair up in a pony tail by the end of the summer. Ah, the joys of the pony tail! No more yucky hair after work outs that has to be hidden under a hat - slap a pony holder around it and call it good.

I'm having more fun with Savor and am almost finished with Part I, "A Buddhist Perspective on Weight Control". My biggest take away is that it's not just the food that I put into my body that affects my overall health but also the thoughts that I have and the things that I perceive with my senses (like TV or advertisements in the paper/magazine). When I allow Hate to dominate my thoughts, I am doing harm to my body and overall health. When I watch the news at night before going to bed and ingest all of the suffering and misery in the world, my body and mind absorb all of that. Still binge eating but I haven't stopped reading, so that's good.

Tomorrow morning is my meeting with my primary care physician to discuss anti-depressant medication. Not sure which way I want this to go, so I guess I'll just let it go and see what happens. (Imagine that.)


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