It's just about making a different choice, over and over again

So, I'm about six weeks from my next doctor's appointment and I'd really like my A1c test to show some progress (so that my doctor doesn't increase my diabetes medication again - I'm still trying to get used to the side effects from the LAST increase). I was thinking about the sad state of things in my food intake lately (poor choices, huge portions, nearly no fruit or veggies) and what that's going to look like for my blood test results (hint: not good). Then I thought to myself, "What if I didn't binge this morning?" "What if I found something else to do rather than eat for the 2-3 hours I have alone in the morning after Al the Pug wakes up at 4:30 am and before TCB get up?" And, for more than just a moment, I thought perhaps I would do just that...but then the hours drifted by and I was so bored and Al was whining and barking in his crate and I just couldn't take it anymore: I ran to the car, drove through fast food, and binged for an hour. I am so disgusted and angry, but I know that there was another path I could have taken...can still take whenever I'm ready enough.


MargieAnne said…
Oh honey I am so sorry. At least you got through more than half the period.

Hopefully next time you will get through the whole time.

Do you have something is the house that you can eat instead of heading for fast food. I ave worked out some foods I like and can eat without binging. I keep them in small quantities just in case I go on a bender.

Another thing I do if I'm at risk is to be sure to have something with protein in it every 2 or at most 2 and half hours. I like to have a hard boiled egg, cheese, cottage cheese and celery small can lite tuna or cold roast meat/chicken available every day for those snacks. The protein seems to curb the urge to binge.

For me a couple of dried apricots and 6 or 8 natural almonds works well. It doesn't trigger cravings and if I do go crazy I never have more than 4 or 5 days supply in the house. That and a cup of black coffee but I have to limit the coffee. No more than 3 cups a day and none after 2 pm. Even 2 pm is getting a bit late if I want to sleep at night.

Don't know if I'm any help so wish you all the best for today.
Anonymous said…
What about playing/training your puppy?
I'm so sorry you're struggling!
I like MargieAnne's suggestions. (She's so smart!) Find the snacks that don't trigger binges and have plenty of those on hand. I'm loving celery and salsa right now.
karen said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hi! I have a HUGE problem with the boredom/aggravation binges. Even while I'm doing it, most of the time, I think "you know, there are better ways to handle this" ... and yet ...
The right thing will click for both of us, though. I just know it! I think I might try MargieAnne's protein idea. I LOVE hard boiled eggs and cheese so it shouldn't be too hard to convince myself to have some every so often :)

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