Mindfulness: Perhaps not something to jump right in to without my therapist's help

The funniest thing happened the day after I started reading Savor: I went on a binge eating bender the likes of which I haven't seen in years. Just the THOUGHT of cutting off the binge behavior freaked my disease out so much that it went into a full-blown tantrum. I'm fairly certain that's a good sign in the long run - if it's scared, it's probably because I'm approaching something that would threaten its hold on me - but I also think it wasn't probably a good idea for me to start down this path of increasing mindfulness without my therapist's support. I have some serious mental health issues which my therapist is very familiar with and she can help me take baby steps so that I don't over commit and become triggered for binges. I mean, someone with heart disease wouldn't just start a marathon training program without consulting their GP or cardiologist, would they? Sort of the same thing for me, I think.

Speaking of the disease, I've got a long-awaited appointment with my primary care physician on Friday morning. I set this up about a month ago so that we can talk about my starting on anti-depressants of some sort to combat my depression and binge eating. My therapist has recommended Wellbutrin, but we'll see what my pcp has to say about that as she'd previously recommended Zoloft. I just want to get on something so that I can see if anti-depressants are part of the "cure" for my disease or whether I'm going to have to do it with just therapy alone.

On a fun note, our company is hosting a 5K for its employees tomorrow, so I'll be able to post a recap of my "race" next time. (Hint: I will not be the first employee across the finish line!)

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karen said…
I've got Savor sitting on my table at home. It's been there for weeks. I think I'm actually afraid of the book and have yet to do more than read the back cover!

Good luck & HAVE FUN with the 5K!!!

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