Sources of stress

Things that are stressing me out right now (not in any particular order):

* Alcott is being expelled from his university due to lack of academic progress (in other words, not passing his classes) and has nowhere to live after Thursday. Moving him in with us is going to be extremely problematic because his sister is already moving in on June 8th and we only have three bedrooms, so it's going to get CROWDED to have four adults, three cats, and a Pug living together

* Binge eating continues unabated; I hope the Wellbutrin kicks in soon

* TCB has just started on Zoloft and now he seems to sleep half his life away, sometimes resulting in debilitating head pain...we seem to argue more now, too

* I'm three weeks behind in my online class and it's only a six week course

* I'm so sick to death of eating out for every meal but don't seem to have the energy to just do something about it

* Work stuff

* Need to deposit $2,300 in checks for Junior League but just realized the bank closes at 4:00 pm Monday through Friday, so it will have to wait until tomorrow (when my schedule is already chock-a-block)

I'm sure there's more, but that's all I've got for you now. I hope to be back to posting something interesting one day soon.


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