I read something earlier this week about a movement called slow blogging which embraces the idea that owning a blog can be done without feeling guilty when you don't write for a day or two or eight - it's creating meaningful content (even if only for you) that's the thing. I really like this idea and it parallels my current thinking about life in general. I rush around from place to place, experience to experience, constantly feeling as though this moment...THIS ONE right just another milestone to check off on the list of things to do before. Before what? Doesn't matter.

This morning I woke up with the barking of the Pug, as I always do. Five o'clock today, pretty reasonable. After working through Al's morning ritual, I decided to run through the McDonald's drive-through for breakfast and a nonfat latte before heading over to our veggie and flower garden. As I drove along the streets, I was struck by how pretty everything out here is when it's crisp and cool and new in the morning with no one else up and about. We truly are blessed to be able to live somewhere as beautiful as we do.

I took the latte into the garden with me, then noticed that the sprayer for our hose had been broken. One of the gates into the garden has no lock on it and I'm afraid we're back to having hooligans/bored neighborhood kids wandering around at night. (Last year someone yanked out all of my strawberry plants in the middle of the night.) I've got a lock at home and I'm going to come over to put it on the unsecured gate later today. Still, most everything looks good over there...a few of the plants in our flower garden seem to have attracted the attention of squirrels or bunnies because all of their beautiful flowers have been chewed off, but that still leaves the majority of them looking really good and, afterall, the animals were there first.

On a different, totally unrelated note, my darling Alcott is celebrating his 19th birthday today. This is the first time I will not be seeing him on his special day and I have to say that I'm sad about it, but I guess most 19 year olds do not want to spend their birthdays with middle aged women, do they? I'm sending love and many wishes for a happy, healthy 20th year for my you.


gingersnapper said…
You can blog as slowly as you want! I'll tell you something - I don't care for the blogs where the writers are TRYING to write a blog, where they're following all those hints and formulas for Building a Readership, Branding Yourself, and that sort of thing. Why the heck would I want to read that crap? I want to share personal experiences and insights with people, but a bunch of self-promotional bushwah.
gingersnapper said…
Oh and also:

" just another milestone to check off on the list of things to do before. Before what? Doesn't matter."

= me

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