How do real mothers of teenaged girls do it???

Wow, my hat is off to every woman who has an 18 year old, recent high school graduate daughter because I'm just wiped out and I've only been doing it full time since last Wednesday. She's a sweet girl but DANG, the drama is nearly non-stop. And I can't hang around the house in a baggy t-shirt and undies anymore. Or sleep in the altogether. Or lie around until noon on Saturday. On the flip side, it's really amazing to watch her grow into the space and freedom she has now compared to before - she's an absolute sponge for information about life and what to expect as she grows up. And she's receiving all kinds of recognition for her academic and volunteer achievements, which is great to watch. I know that when September comes around and we have to leave her at college for three months, I'll miss her terribly, so I suppose I ought to quit whining, huh?

In other news, I have an appointment with my primary care physician on Wednesday which I think will probably be pretty painful. I've gained weight, eaten terribly and too much, and stopped eating my 5 fruits and veggies each day, so you know all of my numbers are going to look terrible from my blood work. *Sigh* Well, let's get it over with and face the music, I suppose. Besides, I have to go in next week so that my doctor can evaluate how I'm doing on the Wellbutrin and (hopefully) send a prescription in for me to continue on it, because I'll be out of the office samples she gave me as of Friday morning.

I keep thinking that it shouldn't be this hard to stop binge eating and start reducing my food intake again, but it doesn't seem to be happening. The Wellbutrin has definitely had a good effect on my depression - I'm not nearly as sad or moody as I was before - but has not affected my binge eating disorder at all. Not even a little bit. Or my lack of motivation to get anything done. But I don't really want to increase my dosage, either, because I've heard horror stories about people feeling like they're on speed and having terrible withdrawals from the 300 mg dosage (I'm only on 150). Truly, though, I need to stop worrying and just wait to talk to the doctor next week. (What a concept: don't worry about what I can't control right now.)


Melissa said…
I think you are amazing to take in a teenage girl! Please don't underestimate this--I have 3 girls (19, 17, 13) and I *know* exactly what you are talking about--they are sponges, even if it doesn't seem like it sometimes. I am in awe of you!

I hope you get what you need from your doctor's appointment--I think it's good news that the meds are at least helping the depression/moodiness!
MargieAnne said…
I am a little scared of girls. *Ha ha!* I remember how awful it sometimes was. I cringe. What headaches I gave myself and my parents and teachers.

Glad your feeling better. I'm sure the eating thing is not too far from being dealt with. All the best with your MD visit.

gingersnapper said…
Good luck with your appointment, I hope it turns out well. Maybe the Wellbutrin will take a while to kick in, binge-eating-wise?
I am a mother of 3 boys. 23,21 and 18. I always say my job of raising them was so much easier than raising girls! Thank you so much for commenting on my blog! I know! isn't that true ~ sometimes we forget we have faults too!
I am happy to hear you are getting relief from your depression.
Binge eating... agh.
I am so happy you are going to join me in bringing your pretty back!

Have a pretty night!

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