You know, I was going to write a scathing indictment of those weight loss/healthy living blogs that seem to talk more about product reviews, product giveaways, and who their corporate sponsors are than sharing their personal experiences with weight loss and/or healthy living. I was going to write that post but then I realized that:

1. I do not need the flaming that I am certain such a post would release upon me;
2. Bitching about others does not make you look pretty, and;
3. The best way to make my point about the lack of authentic, original content in the weight loss/healthy living online community is to actually write something inspirational or intelligent myself every once in a while (instead of just complaining about what I'm NOT doing)

So what am I going to write about today? Actually, I don't know...I've lost my train of thought.


I realize that cranky isn't always a desired event, but your crankiness gave me a giggle. Thank you. :)

Now, I've got to go find me a corporate sponsor, preferably a plastic surgeon.
Miz said…
**laughing at cammy's comment. love the cammy**

I know.
and are they really blogs any more if they're always chatting about product.

people... mock me for not having ANY SPONSORS and NEVER TAKING MONEY for gives---but that way I can stay truly authentic and true to me.

and poor :)
gingersnapper said…
Hee. I feel exactly the same way—there are so few WL blogs I even read anymore because they're all someone positioning themselves to become The Next Great Story. And I come to exactly the same 1-2-3 conclusions you do.

But I can snark a little bit in a comment, right?
Anonymous said…
hey Diabetic Living is a great publication. Granted, it does have "ads", but overall it is a wealth of advice and facts on health, diet and nutrition.
I do sometimes draw on the misfortune of others to remember how good I have it and how bad it could be......sometimes I get in trouble for thinking this way and am told i'm a "mary sunshine fart"... oh well, cest la vie
Lori said…
I second this, you have my support on this one.
missy said…
Anonymous said…
I agree 100%. It seems everything has a sponsor tied to cannot watch a tv show anymore without having product placements appearing every time you turn around.
Melissa said…
I was just checking in to see how you were doing...hope all is well.
I, too, agree about other WL blogs. I hope you continue to "keep it real."

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