I am enjoying my day!

I had lunch with a bunch of engineers. And I LOVED it. Funny, sweet guys who are intelligent and entertaining - got to love it. Some days I cannot believe that I get paid to do something that I love so much and work with such awesome people. (Note, some days I run into not so awesome people, but they invariably don't last long around here...I think the rampant joy and positive atmosphere bugs them too much to stay around.) (Note 2, you cannot hold this post against me when we get busy and I start yelling about how the engineers are driving me insane with their lack of flexibility and need to shoot down every clever idea we come up with as a team.)

I had my annual performance review today, too, and it was better than I'd expected, which is always a good thing. Not so much in the money area - although that's not bad, either - but just in the way that my manager delivered it: straight-forward, matter-of-fact, encouraging, confident in my ability to improve in the areas I need to work on. (Note 3, why can't more managers be like this? Who wants or needs a demoralizing annual appraisal that leaves you feeling like doggie doo???)

Finally, I was able to cuddle with my Pug this morning before work while he gnawed on one of his chewie toys. I love cats...always have and always will, but there's just something about a wiggly puppy plopping himself down on your lap with a contented sigh that cannot be matched. Alouysius T. Pug drives me insane about half the time but when he's cute, nothing else compares.

Wait, I should also mention that I will finish my taper off of generic Wellbutrin tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it. I sincerely hope that the constant sweating goes away completely afterward because that the last of the ugly side effects still hanging on (reduced in frequency, but still around) and then it's just me and the therapist working on the depression (or manic depression or ADHD or OCPD or whatever the heck it is) together; I'm ready to be done with antidepressants.

Oh, hang on, one last random thought: I need to post pictures of my watermelon. It's only about five inches in diameter but it's so exciting to see a little watermelon growing where once there was just a sad, little plant sitting there alone. Gosh I hope it makes it to maturity (and finds some friends along the way) so that I can eat the fruits (literally!) of my labor.


I'm glad you had such a happy day!

Hmm, when I was a manager, the whole point of the annual performance appraisal was to recognize, inspire, uplift, and motivate (and suggest corrections, if necessary), not to make someone feel all poo-ey. I'm glad yours went well.
gingersnapper said…
I do love a wriggly puppy!
missy said…

And as an engineering geologist (I'm basically an engineer), I'm glad you could have a good day with them. :)

Hope the diagnosis bit goes well...

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