I'm not ready to be superfluous!

I have spent the last three days playing the part of the mother of an incoming UC Davis freshman...and I have never felt so unnecessary and "past it" as I did this week. My God, when did I become so old that what I think or feel no longef mattere. Life is for the young, and all that jazz. Except that I'm not ready to cede the stage yet...I still have things to do! Big things, important things! I'm not really sure what they are at this moment, but I'll think of something.

On a related note, I've decided to step up bringing back the pretty. Yes, I've been putting on makeup every day and wearing more becoming clothes, but it's not enough. I'm still wandering around feeling "less than" and I've had it with that. I want to make some new friends, get reacquainted with old ones, and start living with some joy that is unrelated to the kids. Seriously, I feel as though I don't exist outside of work and kids...and that's not enough. I want dates with my husband, I want to organize card game nights with the girls, and I want to resume my yoga clases again! I'm 42, not 82 darn it.

Ok, I'm at the airport with Candace, waiting for our plane home, so I'd better go. If anyone hS further ideas about how to bring my pretty back, please hit me up in the comments.


JessiferSeabs said…
I haven't read the Ringwold book, but I LOVED your original post about it and really took the advice to heart -- since then, I've been making more of an effort with my appearance. Just because I've regained a bunch of weight doesn't mean I'm not still a pretty girl who can look great... I got a (really ridiuclously expensive) cut and color and since then hair-drying has been easier, which makes all the difference. And thne just a flick of mascara and tinted lip gloss in the morning and it looks like I've got a full face on.

I'm also trying to wear cuter clothes in my non-work hours. I'm sure my boyfriend doesn't LOVE seeing me in yoga pants and tank tops every single night....
No new ideas to contribute, but go for the ones you listed with gusto! :)
gingersnapper said…
Girl, have as much sex as possible. That ALWAYS makes you feel both young and pretty.
WHERE DO I BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!!! I hear ya girl! I will comment more tomorrow~ ! YES!!!!!!!!! We are bringing our pretty back!
Have a pretty day!

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