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(The title for today's post comes from a sign I saw on one of our Editorial staff member's office doors - how true is that?)

I miss taking vacations. I'm not talking about a three day weekend to take the 18 year old to Davis or a long weekend to attend high school graduation...I mean the kind of vacations I used to take before I was married and we bought a beautiful/expensive house together. If we didn't have our house we would still be able to afford awesome, week-long vacations at resorts with golf (for him) and spa treatments (for both of us). It's not that I don't love our house - I do! - it's just that life would be so much simpler if things were the way they used to be. We could afford the mortgage on my condo with just TCB's military pension which would leave my entire salary, his entire salary, AND his military disability money to pay for the rest of our lives. Wow, what an entirely depressing thought. Moving on (LOL).

Thank you all for your great responses to my last post. I'm actually doing much better on the tapering regime than I was when I was taking the generic Wellbutrin full time, so that's good. I had an appointment with my therapist on Saturday morning and she is referring me to the psychiatrist at their office for possible manic-depression, ADHD, or OCPD diagnoses (she wants to eliminate them as possibilities before we move forward with the next phase of treatment for depression). I'm convinced that I'm dealing with at least one of those disorders, so let's figure out which and get moving on the treatment portion of the program. I've been borderline basketcase for much of my adulthood and I don't want to live this way any more. Hopefully, if I can get my mental issues under control then I can really focus on eating better and getting more exercise because I won't need the eating to mask my feelings any more.

FYI, I really hope the constant sweating goes away when I stop taking the generic Wellbutrin completely because this is really annoying! Everyone else in the house wears sweaters and socks and hats and mittens, and I'm lying on the bed with the fan and AC on full blast and STILL sweating. Grrrr.

To end on a happy note, I am wearing a new, very pretty dress today and I love it. It's truly amazing how the right dress with some pretty earrings and shoes can make your day, isn't it?


JessiferSeabs said…
Just wanted to let you know that because of your helpful information, I was able to switch back to name brand wellbutrin... and I am shocked by how different I felt so quickly. Good luck (and I also often think about how much more fun I could be having if I didn't have a mortgage!)
Jenn said…
We have a significantly less expensive house in WA than we did in CO, and if we weren't saving our extra money to build our next house we'd be loving the benefits of cheaper living. We're going to try to keep that in mind when we go to build our house - not to go crazy and spend every penny we can - so that we can enjoy other things in life.

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