Top 10 awesome things about my husband

TCB - my husband or The Cute Boy, for those that have been around from when I was still single - and I were married on Friday, April 13, 2007. That's Friday the 13th. And we planned it that way deliberately. For the two years that he was stationed in Japan while I was in the states, he sent me flowers on the 13th of every month, but I feel the most connected to Friday the 13th rather than every 13th day of the month, so today is special for me and, to commemorate, I'm giving you my top 10 list of things I love about my husband.

10. He doesn't mind when I freeze him out at night. I have to have it really cold in my room in order to sleep, so TCB just piles on the covers and never complains when the icicles form on his nose and toes.

9. He never complains about my unhealthy desire for expensive designer purses. In fact, he's usually the one asking whether I want to visit the purse section at Nordstrom. I've pretty much stopped purchasing anything new because I have far more than one woman needs now (and it's wasteful spending) but it still makes me smile that he loves me so much.

8. He loves and respects his mother. I don't know that it's always true that a man who is disrespectful to his mother will eventually disrespect you, but I've seen it happen and I know I'll never have to worry about that with TCB.

7. He won't let me not talk about things that need to be discussed. Past relationships have always been perfectly happy to hear me answer, "Nothing," when asked what was bothering me, but not TCB. Because I can't just brood and get resentful, we generally have good discussions and clear the air without major blowouts. Generally.

6. He is generous in giving his time, energy, and money to worthy causes he believes in.

5. He loves to socialize with perfect strangers. If he ever reads this, he's going to laugh out loud at this one because I'm always making fun of him, but the truth is that I think it's admirable that he reaches out into the world with a smile on his face. The world would be a better/prettier place if more people would do the same.

4. He knows how to save money. I spend money. My primary "savings" vehicle is my 401k account and a small amount of money I keep in savings. TCB has several different places he stashes money...and he doesn't just yank it out when he needs to be a new purse. Or shoes. Or whatever. If we are ever able to retire it will be because of TCB, definitely not me.

3. He understands about my mental issues and never makes me feel guilty about them. My behavior is frequently erratic due to the depression or bi-polar disorder or whatever the heck I have, and TCB just rolls with the punches while asking what he can do to help. "What do you need me to do?," he asks, and my heart just about breaks with the kindness of that one question.

2. He is the best Doggy Daddy ever. And Cat Daddy, too. Walking behind him last night as we were taking Alouysius out for his evening constitutional, I welled up with happiness and pride at the sight of Al's little Puggy legs trotting alongside TCB's long, lanky legs. TCB loves our furkids as much as I do and he does so many things for them all day long. Not many men would put up with - let alone love - a menagerie like ours, but mine does.

1. He loves me without reservation. Even when I'm being petulant. Even when I don't love myself. Even when I'm sobbing on the floor and have tears and snot all over my bright red face. Unconditional, unconventional love...what a concept.

So Happy Anniversary, TCB, and I hope we have many, many more.


MargieAnne said…
We should all love your man with/out envy.

Congratulations on your anniversary.

I have to admit that I could almost have written the same about TWJ in spite of my considerable moans from time to time.
Jenn said…
Happy anniversary!!
Anonymous said…
I hope you have many, many more, too!

xo Leslie
lisah said…
What a sweet post. You are a lucky girl and he is a lucky boy!
You have no idea how much I love this!!!!
Thank you so much for your sweet and wonderful comment on my blog!! THANK YOU! I am not going anywhere!
Have a pretty day!

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