And one more thing...(the impulsivity edition)

Ever since I can remember, I've had problems controlling my crazy impulses to do the Grand the Breast Cancer 3-Day, lose 100 pounds, eat only pre-packaged food and fresh fruit and veggies, etc. And, because I haven't done anything really crazy lately, I bring you my latest example of hypomanic behavior: The Great American Apparel Diet.

Yes, I've promised not to buy anything clothing until September 1, 2011. I'm sure that sounds incredibly simple to most of you but it will be a good challenge for me, especially in a few weeks when the itch to buy starts up again. (I did order several items of clothing on August 31.) Still, it's all part of a push to live mindfully and not just mask my feelings through compulsive/impulsive behaviors, so let's see how I do.


Wishing you great success with this challenge! This is one I would actually do pretty well on. :)

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