At least I don't have to work tomorrow

I have been telling myself since Monday morning that this was going to be a good week. People have been doing their best to change my mind about my intention to make this a good week, but I've resisted for the most part. Today was going just swimmingly until I had a phone meeting with an internal customer and realized there's a ton of "run the business", really critical stuff I need to do for an upcoming product launch that I have no idea how to do (and no time to do it even if I did know). The warning sirens started in my head: "Disaster ahead!" I wanted to blow off my social event tonight. Instead I wanted to go to the company's Friday social, have a few glasses of wine, relax with friends, and just forget everything.

Instead, I put these on and walked a mile and a half with friends...much better decision for my body and my spirit. Nothing good comes of denying or belittling your uncomfortable feelings and walking is a great way to help them leave your body in a healthy way.


gingersnapper said…
"Nothing good comes of denying or belittling your uncomfortable feelings"

Brilliant. Can I quote you on that?

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