Catching up

OK, so I didn't get off to the very best start ever with taking pictures every day, but I can report the following:

1. On Friday, I drank over 64 ounces of water, which I haven't done in forever. Hydration is so important for good health and I've been guilty for too long of substituting diet soda and iced tea for water, but there IS no substitute

2. Yesterday, Saturday, I took the following picture after my morning's adventure at the farmers market...
Shopping for fresh fruit and veggies from local farmers makes me feel good economically (because I'm supporting small businesses) and also ecologically (because there is less gasoline used to transport my food to me). Yesterday's haul included basil, chives, heirloom cherry tomatoes, green beans, yellow mini squash, and some plums. Almost got some awesome looking, bright yellow cauliflower, but I wasn't quite brave enough (I'm a life-long cauliflower hater). There was also a little bunch of organic broccolini, but I just couldn't justify such a huge price for such a small amount of food. (It came from what I'd classify as a "boutique" organic farm - one girl in her 30s with a small patch of land somewhere and a desire to spread organic produce throughout the Poway-Rancho Bernardo-Rancho Penasquitos-4S Ranch area of San Diego.) Not pictured is my cup of organic coffee (in my reusable mug, of course) and organic cranberry-orange whole grain scone - breakfast of champions!


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