Four minutes

I have to leave in four minutes in order to get to yoga on time, which is one of my commitments to myself for this week.

Other commitments include:
1. Trying not to melt down while TCB is gone to Dallas to be with his father who is undergoing chemo. (At the minimum, don't melt down while on the phone with husband who is dealing with enough without your drama, Denise!)

2. Walk the dog at least four days this week, two miles each session. He needs it, I need it, 'nuff said.

3. Continue reading Savor. I love the meditations about loving your anger, or your anxiety, or whatever it is that's making you crazy...if you are quiet and look at what you're feeling, maybe just maybe you might figure out what's eating you instead of just eating through it. (Pun definitely intended.)

OK, four minutes up. Back tomorrow.

Wait, here's bonus #4 - post every day this week to give status on numbers 1-3 above.


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