Why today is awesome

It's probably just the hypomania talking, but today has already been a good day and it's only just one o'clock in the afternoon. I have laundry going, it's cold and dreary outside while I'm tucked up in bed typing, and I got to spend part of the morning with great friends - love!

For today's body-loving life-in-a-picture, I bring you...
This is Alouysius chillin' on the couch after we participated in the 3 Dog Walk for the Cure this morning. Walking to help end breast cancer with Al not only helped both of us physically (we need to give our bodies more movement) but was also a blessing spiritually as I move a little further along on the path toward integrating various pieces of my life. Living mindfully, finding balance in my life, treating my body with love and respect...no matter what you call it, they all come down to being really present in your life while also really appreciating your life. This morning, while I followed TCB and Al down the street in Del Mar, I was there mind, body, and spirit..appreciating the wonder of my body being able to walk, appreciating the friends (and their dogs) that joined me there on a rainy Sunday morning, and loving my entire life.


Sounds like a lovely morning, and your company is too cute for words. :)

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