Depression doesn't care if it's Daylight Savings Time

Hello friends. I've been trying to write for days but just couldn't seem to find anything worth finishing a post for.

I haven't done much walking lately and don't care.

I haven't been to yoga for weeks...and don't care.

Hmmm, depressed much, Denise?

So, I guess the good news is that I'm starting to recognize the depression quicker when it sets in. Of course, the bad news is that I'm still fighting depression. I don't know why that realization, or writing it down anyway, makes me so sad, I mean it's not like there's a miracle cure, especially when I'm not in any kind of formal treatment at the moment. I guess I just keep hoping that I'll turn around and it will be gone one day. (I'm pretty sure that goes way beyond the definition of optimisim.) I'm also going to celebrate the fact that this bout is pretty mild - I'm still getting things done, still participating in social events (albeit reluctantly), and still thinking about ways to be healthy.

Maybe learning to sit with my depression and not freak out or chastise myself is a healthy step, too?


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