I want to ride my bicycle

I have been trying to pull this post together for a week now, but I am no longer able to write from work and that's where most of my thoughts come to me, so I apologize for the long silence. Since I have to get ready for work really soon, I'm just going to throw these thoughts out:

1. I've committed to ride 30 miles in May on behalf of the American Diabetes Association. If you'd like to support me with a donation, click on the Stop Diabetes icon on the right and you'll be redirected to my personal fund raising page. Anyone who's been reading here for a while will know that I am diabetic myself and am doing my best to keep myself healthy and stable. Training for a moderate bike ride is a great way to raise funds and awareness as well as encouraging yet more exercise so that I can complete the entire ride.

2. I've talked many times before about being on a journey to better health, to taking steps toward leading a healthy life, but it suddenly occurred to me last week: it's not a journey TO health, it's just a journey OF health. What do I mean by that? Well, it came to me as I was walking into the dog park enclosure with Al the Pug and TCB that this was the "it" I was shooting for. Not being perfect, but making good, healthy decisions one at a time and letting them become habits. We've cooked more meals at home than we ever have since we met. Meals from scratch with few ingredients, simply made, and nourishing. I'm not weighing or measuring and not worrying about my calories - I'm adding healthier food, not restricting. I walk at least 7,000 steps nearly every day and I actually enjoy it for the stress relief it brings. We are being careful, too, about the ingredients we choose for our meals. Brown rice. Whole grain pasta. Meat without hormones, antibiotics, or other funky chemicals and who have been raised humanely. Yes, it's more expensive than using cheaper ingredients but it's cheaper than eating out every night (which is what we used to do) and it's important to us, so we're making it a priority.

3. I need to take a picture of me with my bike because I haven't posted a picture in a week (boo!) and because my bike is pink with a basket and a bell (yay!).

I'm sure there were other things I wanted to talk about but I can't remember them now and I've got to get ready. If anyone knows of a way to blog where I can write in Word and upload, that would be great...this not being able to blog during the day is killing me.


neca said…
I will write stuff in word and then email it to myself if I want to review later. You can copy and paste into the box for the post.

The only thing I've found is that I will sometimes lose the space between paragraphs - double spacing usually keeps them separate.

good luck!
Anonymous said…
I L-O-V-E my bike!!!!

Wow, you are so on your way ... watch out, though ... this healthy lifestyle is addicting :-)

xo Leslie
Brigid said…
Hi Denise,
I came across your blog on Iowa Avenue and I'm glad I did! I love the way you are living your life at the moment - making healthy choices and just being sensible without trying to be perfect. Life is really made up of all these little moments. It's not about a destination, it's about right now.
Brigid :-)
I'm going to be at FitBloggin too and am so excited!

I love what you talked about in your 2nd point. That it's a never ending process and health isn't really a destination. It's just a choice to live our lives that way every chance we get. :)

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