A week of gratitude: Day 6

Today I am grateful for my body and my health.

You guys know this is a problematic topic for me because of my on-going body size issues, but you know what? Somehow, somewhere, I have also developed a really healthy respect for the things my body can do. Even after all of the abuse I've put it through. Even with diabetes. I walked a 5K on Thanksgiving, with major hills, and I finished in just over an hour without killing myself - that's wonderful as far as I'm concerned. And I'm honoring and cherishing my body with my thoughts and words - no more beating myself up for being less than perfect and recognizing that small steps, taken together, can move mountains.


Awesome post! This is an area I'm still working on, too, but seeing my cousins this weekend--one who has colon cancer, one who's just been diagnosed with breast cancer--helped me be truly grateful for all that my body does for me as well!

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