Onward and upward

I have been SO STRESSED about how I would do in my recently-completed university class. I nearly quit the class several times, including in the middle of the final, and have been worried ever since the last class about what my grade would be. (If I pass the class, my company will reimburse me for the cost of attending plus the books, but if I don't pass, I'm out $550.) I was trying to figure out which class to take next (I need six more courses to receive my Project Management certification) today and decided to check to see if grades were posted for the last class...and they were. And I got an A-. Holy moly, I'm so happy!

I'm also happy because the projects I'm working on at work are going well and the folks I work with are - for the most part - happy and fulfilled by what they do. What a blessing it is to find work that you love, people you respect and admire to work with, and a manager who supports you and the whole team! I'm not saying that I'd do this even if they didn't pay me, but somedays, you know...I just might. Today is probably one of those days.

Another source of happiness is that the kitchen countertop is as close to clear as it's been in months. Clutter makes me sad. Deeply, importantly sad and unhappy. Coming down the stairs in the morning and seeing the crowded landscape of stuff for the last few weeks has turned my mood sour immediately upon waking and I hate being like that. So when I came downstairs this morning and saw that TCB had gotten busy clearing out his stuff, I was elated. I tucked right in on my own stuff and got that straightened away, too, and now it's all nice and clear. Just in time for the cleaning ladies to come on Friday to polish and make the whole, clear expanse a thing of beauty to behold.

Did everyone else know that this is the last weekend before Christmas? Really? Why did no one tell me before now??? Sigh. It's not that I need to get presents in - we're not really doing presents because TCB's been out of work for months - it's just that TCB and I are trying to "do" more things locally: get out and experience the wonder of our city and the holiday experiences we have available. And now there's just this weekend left to fit everything in. Can we somehow shoehorn in another weekend? Pretty please???


gingersnapper said…
One good tip I read in The Happiness Project is to clean up the kitchen before you go to bed at night. She wrote that it was relaxing and soothing to create order, and the great benefit is not having to deal with a mess first thing in the morning.

That makes a huge difference! I've been trying to follow this advice (somewhat successfully) and mornings when the kitchen is clean are just a different world, mood-wise.

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