Time flies by

As much as I resist the expanded Christmas season (Christmas carols in the stores at Halloween? I think not!), I once again find myself, on the eve of Christmas, wondering where the time went.

Every year I think, "I'm going to really get into the spirit of Christmas this year. I am NOT going to Bah Humbug my way through the month of December." And then this year I got the Mother of All Colds which incapacitated me for nearly a week. And TCB has had problems with his shoulder that have him not wanting to do much outside the house. And the rain. (Dear God, really with half our yearly rain in a week? Really???) And basically, we've done one fun thing this season and stayed home like bumps on a log the rest of the time.

But the end of the year brings with it the promise of a new one, a blank sheet to be written on. I want to give some thought to how I want to feel a year from now and what I'm willing to do to get myself there, and then I'll come back and tell you all about it.

In addition to moving my life forward, I think my blog needs some evolution, too. Not sure of the details here yet, but change is coming, so stay tuned.


Merry Christmas, Denise! And best wishes for the happiest of new years!

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