Interesting way to track your food and exercise

I can't remember which blog I was reading when they mentioned Lose It!, but I'm pretty excited about it. For now I won't be tracking my food but it's got exercise tracking enabled, too, and that I definitely do need to keep track of, so that's a good thing. Plus, there's an iPhone app to go with it so that I can add or access from anywhere. Very nifty. If you join, would you add me as a friend so that we can help each other stay motivated?

In other news, we went to IKEA today and, not surprisingly, spent a fortune. We did, however, get a desk, desk chair, filing cabinet, and nifty laptop stand for my bedroom so that I do not have to sit on the bed with this monster halfway in my lap and half on the bed. (Note that I am still doing that now, however, because old habits die hard. Further note that TCB is downstairs putting together the desk chair - he hasn't started on the desk and filing cabinet yet and I fear the stream of invective that will roll from his tongue when he does. You did know that IKEA is Swedish for "some assembly required", didn't you?)

OK, time to go to Target to pick up our weekly supplies. Oops, that would be AFTER I move the load of light/white clothes from the washer to the dryer. We do live exciting lives around here...I tell you.


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