Checking in with my intentions for 2011

Back on January 1st, I declared four intentions for myself to help me feel more connected in 2011. Those intentions were:

  1. Sign up for at least one active event per month (fostering a stronger connection to my body).
  2. Properly plant and properly care for at least two vegetable plants in my community garden plot (strengthening my connection to the Earth).
  3. Find time to meditate and/or do yoga for at least 15 minutes once a week (connecting with my body and spirit).
  4. Attend a local church that both TCB and I can be comfortable with at least once a month (strengthening my connection with God, with my spirit, and the opportunity to connect with new friends).
So, how have I been doing so far?

Well, the list of 5K events I will participate in from now through June is on the right navigation bar, so we're halfway there. I finished the first event in January with a time of 65 minutes, 7 seconds, so that's the time to improve upon for me going forward. It was rocky, hilly, and miserable, and I finished it, so that's good enough for me. The next event is next Sunday and I'll be participating with Al the Wonder Pug and TCB, so fun should be had by all.

Nothing has been planted in the garden yet but I do have a new calendar that lists what you should plant by month, so I know that I can go to the garden center today and pick up broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower for the pots out in front of the house. Next month it's just cabbage, so I really do need to get out and get motivated or else I'll be looking for recipes to use up a bunch of cabbage.

I am taking a Recovery (spin) Ride and Yoga/Stretch class at the gym at work every Friday morning at 7:00 am. I cannot tell you how proud I am of myself to get out and get at it early on a Friday morning! Between the 30 minutes of riding when I go deep into myself to find the stamina for the "hill climbing" and the 30 minutes of yoga or stretch (we alternate by week) when I use my breath to relax and go deeper into the pose or stretch, I think I'm doing pretty well with this intention.

The last intention is proving the toughest and I think I know why. It feels like I'm trying to force a relationship with a particular house of worship rather than focusing on my relationship with God. You don't have to go to church to find God, He dwells inside everyone (according to my beliefs), so I'm going to drop this intention from the list and instead add the intention of using my time in #3 to communicate and strengthen my connection to God.

Work is still insane but I'm so lucky to have the wonderful job that I do and this busyness is finite; it will end. I try to read blogs but I'm not able to with any regularity, so I apologize. I hope you are all well and I'll check back here when I'm able and when I have something to report.

p.s. Training for the Tour de Cure 30 mile bike ride in May is coming along nicely. We currently bike (spin) for 30-45 minutes, 4 times a week in the gym at work and my legs are doing fine. (My backside is a different story, but we'll just skip that, shall we?) If you'd like to make a contribution to the American Diabetes Association on my behalf to support their efforts to educate and find a cure for this terrible disease (which I happen to have), I'd be honored.


gingersnapper said…
Denise, that's wonderful about the 5k! Sorry I haven't been paying enough attention lately, I didn't realize you had completed one. Good for you!

I think cabbage is very underrated - the different varieties have wonderful flavors, and best of all it's one of the cheapest vegetables in the supermarket. Let me know if you discover any great recipes.
MargieAnne said…
That's excellent achievement. I'm glad you are proud of your progress.

Church should never feel like hard work. If it does it's either the wrong place or as is often the case with me, your heart is not in the right place. *smiles*

Oh the garden!

It's time I got out in it again but I can't go out until the sun is down.

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