Fear versus Faith

I received some seriously bad news today from my doctor at my annual check up. My blood sugar is four times higher than it needs to be, my cholesterol is over 300 (it should be under 200), my triglycerides are sky high, and there is protein in my urine, indicating damage to my kidneys. Damn. Just damn.

It's not as though I wasn't expecting something like this: I'm diabetic and I've been ignoring it for years. It's not as though I haven't faced something similar before: I received much the same news - minus the kidney damage - when I was diagnosed back in 1996. Still and all, though, it knocks you back a bit to actually hear the words, you know?

I've had a few hours to process and I'm doing a little better now. I have to make major changes and I have to make them immediately.

1. Cholesterol medication plus two kinds of oral diabetes medication, daily. Non-negotiable
2. No candy or other sweets. Never
3. No fried foods
4. No simple carbs (white rice, pasta, crackers, bread), substitute whole grain options instead
5. Get some exercise every day

I don't have many good options other than to do as she says, so I'm going to do my best and see where that gets me. I have another appointment with her in three months and that's enough time to make some lasting changes, so we'll see.

In the meantime, I leave for Baltimore in less than 24 hours for the Fitbloggin' conference. Can't really ask for a better setting to encourage better health habits than that, can you?


JessiferSeabs said…
Great timing for terrible news if ever the case were true... I see the timing is a blessing. But I'm sorry for your bad news. :-( Hang in there.

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