Helpful things to remember for the future

I'm not the sharpest tool in the garage (what, you don't keep your gardening tools in the garage???) when it comes to remembering hard-learned lessons and I proved that again on Friday.

When I was training for the Tour de Cure, I quickly learned that doing a long training ride on the same day as I'd done a 5K just wasn't going to work for me. I'm sure there are many of you for whom walking 3.1 miles in an hour wouldn't take much out of you but for me it's a lot of work and I'm super tired afterwards. To add 5, 10, 15, or even 20 miles of riding on top of that just didn't work because I had nothing left in my gas tank, so to speak. I'd try to cycle even on a nice, flat route (not many of those, unfortunately) and it was just excruciating. So we planned that if I had a 5K on Saturday that our training ride that weekend would be on Sunday instead.

Fast forward to yesterday and the Fitbloggin 5K. I decided months ago to make this 5K my 5Kfor May and it seemed like a really good idea at the time. What I didn't take into consideration was that I would also need to return my rental car about a mile from the hotel and walk back after the 5K. And that there were lunch and afternoon sessions to attend for the conference. As it happened, I returned the car (after bring stuck in traffic for about 45 to go a mile), got back for lunch so late that seats were scarce, then went to my room to shower but decided to take a "short nap" that ended up lasting three hours. After I woke up, I couldn't figure out what had happened until I remembered the biking experience, and then it all made sense.

Lesson to take away (again): don't schedule anything on the same day as a 5K. And thus ends my sermon for today.


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