Two of my favorite products

I had an unusual (for me) experience last week before I left for Fitbloggin: a representative from Eucerin skin care contacted me and asked if I would be interested in free samples of Everyday Protection SPF15 body lotion and Everyday Protection SPF30 face lotion in return for writing a review about them on my blog.

Now, you guys know that I don't do product reviews as a general practice, but I jumped at the chance to do this one because I use both products on a daily basis and have done for over five years, and I really believe in their efficacy.

I have very pale and very sensitive skin; I get blotchy just thinking about going into the sun. Both the body and face lotions include a good sunscreen, which saves an additional step for me every morning, and they don't have that nasty "Hey, look at me, I'm wearing sunscreen!" smell that always bothers me with traditional sun protection. Additionally, the face lotion is mild/gentle enough that it neither breaks my skin out nor irritates it to the point of redness, both of which are common reactions by my face to other sunscreen-containing products.

As moisturizers, I love that my skin feels soft after I've used both of these products, not greasy, and that they sink in quickly and just leave my skin feeling "normal" afterwards. In the past, I've shied away from moisturizers entirely because they always left my skin feeling coated with a film, but that's never been a problem with these products.

If you'd like to try Eucerin's Everyday Protection SPF30 face lotion for yourself, you can take their pledge on Facebook and they'll mail you a free sample. Or you can just mosey down to the local drug/convenience store and pick p either of these great (in my opinion) products there.

p.s. Yes, that's my real bathroom...please excuse the dust! And the toothbrush. (Why didn't I clean up a little before taking the picture?)


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