Vacation as a catalyst for change

After a surprisingly pleasant 5-hour flight to Baltimore yesterday, I'm on vacation - yay! I'm hoping that this week away from my normal routine will give me an extra boost to start and solidify some healthy new habits. Like daily exercise. Like preparing snacks for the day that will keep me from mindless hunger and unhealthy eating.

Last night had some good and some less than good elements.

The good: I went to Target to pick up healthy snacks like almonds and baby carrots so that I'll have them while I'm here. I also picked up bottled water but that was designed more to avoid high priced water prides - I always drink water or plain iced tea.

The less than good: I let myself get overly tired and hungry before eating dinner so that I decided to drive through McDonald's to get something quick. My plan was to get a salad and a chicken sandwich, then to use dressing sparingly. What happened instead was that I ordered a hamburger to go with my salad, that the restaurant was out of every dressing except French (yucky!), and I binged on almonds on the way back to the hotel. OK, not the best results.

This morning, after a nice sleep, I've got my workout clothes unpacked and ready so that I can hit the hotel gym before breakfast, then I'm heading off to Bull Run battlefield for the day. I think I'm ready for a better day; I'll report back later.


Matilda444 said…
I've learned to travel with a couple S/S water bottles and one of those camping water filters I got from REI. I filter the hotel tap water. Saves $$ on water, not to mention the hassle of hauling heavy/full water bottles. I think Brita and Camelbak now may even make bottles with filters built in.

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