You take the good, you take the bad

I had an awesome time being a tourist in the DC Metro area today. God, I love this area!

I wanted to start out with that because it might not sound like I'm enjoying myself from the rest of my post. Food was.pretty crappy again today because I once again let myself get overly hungry/emotionally overwrought before eating. In my defense, I did try to eat immediately after finishing my audio auto tour of Manassas Battlefield, but it was all crappy fast food, so I pressed on thinking I would find better further on my journey. That was a mistake.

Part of my problem is that I don't know where the nice (and not so nice) parts of town are, so I was afraid to get off the freeway (highway?) without knowing where I was. I should have followed my instincts because when I did so - out of desperation born from severe low blood sugar - I ended up having to turn around in front of a housing project after passing the needle exchange site.

When I was able to find places I wanted to eat (Georgetown and Alexandria), I couldn't figure out where you're allowed to park and where you can't. In an out of stare - Florida! - rental car, it didn't seem wise to tempt the parking police and besides, I'm a terrible parallel parker.

So, anyway, crappy McDonald's again today. This time the restaurant flat out told me they didn't serve unsweetened iced tea, so I ordered a diet Coke. They gave me regular Coke. Darnit, I was thirsty and couldn't have more than a quick swallow to take my new cholesterol medicine. (Seemed like a really good idea given my "dinner".)

On the positives side, I got in a 40 minute session on the treadmill before breakfast today. And I slept in. Oh my gosh, I had forgotten how decadent being able to sleep in is. It is something I have missed since we brought Alouysius the Wonder Pug into our lives because I have to be up with him between 5:00 and 5:30 am every morning, so I'm definitely going to enjoy as much as I can.

On that note, I just realized that I will have an hour drive back and forth to Baltimore tomorrow night for the Fitbloggin festivities, to be followed by a 5:00 am departure Friday morning in order to participate in the Fitbloggin 5K. And that I won't be able to check into the hotel in Baltimore until after Friday's sessions, so no shower after a 5K walk. Great, all new stress about how to make friends while smelling like a locker room! (Mostly kidding!)

OK, must run. Sleep is calling my name. TTFN!


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