Happy Sunday morning

I have a fluffy black cat sitting next to me, HGTV on the TV, my husband is getting ready for something-or-other in the bathroom, and there's a mug of hot, strong tea (with lots of milk and sweetener) within arms reach - what more does a girl need?

TCB and I went to watch the Padres last night and brought someone new home with us: Padres Gnomeo! He's (the gnome, not TCB) sitting out on the front porch now, soaking up the San Diego sunshine and keeping scary creatures at bay.

Today's to-do list includes: Salvation Army drop-off at the high school, running by work to drop off the incredible excess of summer squash that came in my CSA box yesterday so that others can have some of the yumminess as well, taking back to Target a few things I'd bought for the turning-19-today year old (she needs the money for a train ticket back to Davis in a week more than she needs the dresses or new quilt for her bed), and running to the Farmers Market to pick up some tasty dessert topping for the strawberries and rasberries I picked up at the store yesterday. Nice busy day and time to get out and get things started.

Adios, amigos!


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