I am worth it

Another day of low blood sugar. Another day of no treadmill for me. No beating myself up, though - how would that be honoring my body? - just got on the phone to ask my doctor for advice as well as making an appointment with the diabetes educator for two weeks from now.

There was a moment today when I sighed deeply and longed to be transported back to the blissful ignorance of my existence a month ago, but it was a brief detour because I know that I was killing myself back then and I want to live. Sure, this is lots more work than that was, but good things take work, and living a longer and healthier life is definitely a good thing.

And besides, I'm totally worth it.


Linda said…
Denise - I am sorry that you couldn't get on the treadmill today, but I so admire the way you are persevering, respecting your body, and reaching out for help from your doctor to get past this bump in the road. You are totally worth it, and you inspire others!
Anonymous said…
Hope you find some resolution to the problem ... I'm sure you've checked out everything, but what about lean protein before a workout? That's what gets me through .... ff cottage cheese, etc.


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