I just recorded a new video and now my computer isn't letting me upload it - poop.

Anyway, what I said in the video was that things continue along pretty predictably: I'm angry or sad or accepting, depending on the time of day and my blood sugar. Lately I've been having more problems with my blood sugar and I think it's related to my hormones since TTOM should be coming along any day now.

I also had a little rant about the scarcity of attractive workout gear for obese/morbidly obese folks. Really, who needs to work out more than I do? And yet there are nearly no good options for me to wear to the gym. Exceptions are Nike's plus sized workout wear (available at Nordstrom and Bloomingdale's) and Danskin Plus at Walmart. (None of those are affiliate links, by the way, just sorted to show the plus size options available.) Oh yes, I could just wear an enormous cotton tee shirt which has the double-bonus effect of making me look like a tent (oh, how attractive!) and also gets sopping wet after a workout (love that, don't you?). Anyway, perhaps someone will realize the huge (no pun intended) opportunity to make a lot of money by creating attractive plus size workout wear...hope I live long enough to see it.


neca said…
While I can't say I actually enjoy shopping at W-M, I agree that they do have a good selection of workout wear for pretty much every size. I recently got some danskin workout pants for $5 - and the matching jackets were the same price. Hard to beat.
Oh, I feel your pain. I remember all too well the days of trying to find something reasonable and comfortable in plus-sized workout wear. And even though I'm smaller now, much of the workout clothing is fitted in the middle (where I have "leftovers") or cropped or something else unflattering. I wishwishwish I had any design talent to take care of these problems.
JessiferSeabs said…
Do you have a DIck's sporting goods near you? I have found a lot of plus sized workout wear there!

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