Is it Friday yet?

This hasn't been the best week ever for my physical well-being. I'm eating mostly OK but then there are the crappy sweet baked goods (scones, primarily) that keep going into my mouth. I don't seem to want to examine WHY I'm doing that, either, which is upsetting. And I'm not testing my blood sugar, either, because I don't want to see the numbers in case they're high. (I know they have to be high, I can just feel it.) So last week was all about the low blood sugar and now I've swung to the other side and I'm sure it's too high. (Thank goodness I didn't listen to the doctor and discontinue one of my diabetes medications!)

Of course, probably a big part of the change is that I haven't made it on the treadmill at all since last Friday and even then I couldn't walk quickly enough to break a sweat because of how badly my toe hurts. This week I think the toe would have been OK but now work keeps running late enough that I can't hit the gym before I need to go home. So I'm thinking about joining the gym near my house solely to be able to hit the treadmill there at 5:00 am when they open during the week. My thinking is that, if I can get it done early enough in the morning then any other activity I get in during the day is icing on the cake (pardon the sweet reference).

I've turned off the comments and will keep them off until my mood and writing improve - I just need to listen to myself and my thoughts exclusively for a while. Thanks for understanding.

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