Progress report

I have an appointment with the Diabetes Educator at my doctor's clinic this morning. I really need help with meal planning and I'm hoping she can help me, either directly or with a referral to a registered dietitian. I get the exercise part of this, it's the food and stress management part of things that just seem to be beyond my grasp right now.

Speaking of exercise, I finished up the week strong with tough walks on Thursday and Friday after work then a great performance in the Phillip Rivers 5K on Saturday. I've been working since Fitbloggin to improve my walking speed in preparation for the Disneyland 5K over Labor Day weekend due to their requirement that all walkers finish in 48 minutes or less. My finish time for the Fitbloggin 5K was 59:58. My finish time for this weekend's 5K was 52:03. I took almost eight minutes off of my 5K time in three weeks - holy moly! (No wonder I could barely catch my breath at the end of Saturday's event!) This is definitely a step - pun intended - in the right direction.


Oh my goodness, 8 minutes shaved in less than a month? That's awesome!

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