Trying to be clever is exhausting

I keep reading advice about how to build your blog readership, how to build relationships with brands, how to make your blog easier for search engines to find - you know, that kind of thing. And, while I know that I should pay more attention, I just can't get excited about it.

So imagine my joy when I was reading about a blogger collective organization I was considering joining and finding that they want "positive people" - seriously? Would you trust someone who was supposedly writing about their real life and was uniformly positive? But then I started second guessing myself and wondering if I should try to be more positive in my public life? What if I'm turning off potential readers with my Debbie Downer, depression-fueled whining and self absorption?

And then I remembered why I started writing here, why I still love to come here.

Honesty. And a safe place for introspection.

And that means that if I'm having a tough day, I might write about that here. Or on a day when I'm frustrated that more than one slice of a mini pizza at a time is a thing of the past for me? You will probably hear about it if you drop by to read, as I haven't yet mastered the feat of substituting kale chips and the like for my favorite - and now forbidden - foods.

No, I'm not uniformly positive and I'm probably too old to change that now, so take me as I am. Or not.

Now that I think about it, I'm too old and too unrepentantly fat for that group anyway. Eh...their loss.


Linda said…
Exactly. But I do think you are positive - you are making positive changes in your life. That doesn't mean there aren't ups and downs, or that you shouldn't use your own blog as a way to express your feelings. If they are opposed to that - then you are right, that's not the right group for you. Definitely wouldn't be for me either.
Matilda444 said…
Their loss.
I'm coming from the opposite side of the spectrum: one of those annoyingly positive people. I figure people will just have to accept that. I'm not about to start making up fake miseries just to gain a few readers. :)

These are OUR spaces. They serve to help us help ourselves, to help kindred spirits know they're not alone, and to give others an opportunity to provide a friendly word. And the folks who don't fit into one of those groups can find plenty of other blogs to read.

I haven't noticed you being dreary, but if that's how you feel on any given day, roll with it. It's the best way I know to work yourself out of the mood.
Just found your blog through a series of blog hopping this afternoon. I have to agree with you. I would absolutely never follow a blog that was all "everything's peachy keen" everyday. That's not real life. You can have a positive outlook, even when things are negative, but life isn't all good. It's up and down and all's altogether great, but really? All good would be kinda boring. Especially in a weightloss blog...'cause we all know all good days would be a straight up lie. Keep up the honesty...people are reading.
Amanda said…
Just found your blog though random blog hopping and I LOVE it. Particularly because you aren't the perfect-everything-is-amazing-and-always-happy healthy living blogger that there tends to be a lot of. I look forward to reading more posts:-)

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