Wanting and doing are sometimes very different things

So, I keep saying that I want to lead a more active and healthy life but then I don't exercise for an entire week. I did take a rather nasty fall on Wednesday at work that left me extremely battered, bruised, and sore, but I could have at least done a lap or two around the building at work, but I didn't.

Still, I did go to Chili's last night for dinner with TCB and the 21 year old (before we bought him several weeks worth of groceries) and chose the Avocado Burger with the black bean patty and whole wheat bun plus I substituted black beans for the standard french fries. Yes, that was probably still way out of my calorie range for dinner but it was far more nutritious than my other choices and I didn't have nearly as much guilt as I would otherwise have had.

While there, the 21 year old and I discussed our plans for the veggie garden this year. It's very late now in terms of planting but we can start with some of the fall/winter crops now plus the soil preparation, so I think I'll just frame it as being really early. (Glass half full, don't you know.)

OK, I need to throw some breakfast together. I'm thinking about a whole wheat tortilla spread with some Laughing Cow light wedges and topped with slices of hard boiled egg and a side of blackberries. I've already had a homemade Cafe au Lait, so just a little something else ought to tide me over until we meet Mummy and Daddy for lunch this afternoon in San Juan Capistrano. Yay for getting to see my parents and I can't wait to see Mummy's face when I hand her the William and Kate tea towel a co-worker was kind enough to purchase for me on his recent honeymoon to the UK!


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