I actually DO know

So yesterday wasn't my best day ever. First I wrote this post about how miserable and unmotivated I felt. Then I got some bad news at work. And I felt horrible and sad, and wanted to cry. But I didn't.

Then I got mad.

Then I decided not to stay mad but to let my anger be the catalyst to make some changes, starting with my mindset.

So today I'm going to write the post I should have written yesterday.

I had a great weekend in Davis with my 19-year-old college student. We went to Ikea. It was her first visit ever and we cleaned up with wonderful items for her new full-size bed.

Then we went to Whole Foods in Sacramento and bought lots of yummy food for her refrigerator, including Blueberry Muffin Larabars (which I cannot get at home). (She would want me to tell you that the boy working at the meat counter was cute and that made the whole experience worthwhile.)

After a quick stop by her apartment to feed Dixie the wonder kitten (she's kitten-sitting for the summer), we zoomed off to the Jelly Belly factory. Did you know they make sugar-free Jelly Belly beans? Nor did I, but they do. And I bought some!

After a quick blast through the Jelly Belly factory, we stopped for dinner/lunch at Rubio's (a little piece of home - San Diego! - for my homesick girl) on our way back to the hotel to change for the Big Event of the weekend: the Davis Moonlight 5K.

I started out feeling really lethargic, probably because of the grilled steak taco I'd had just a few hours earlier, but that feeling passed before we hit the first mile marker and I was striding along as though I hadn't taken a several week hiatus from the treadmill. I think it was having my girl there for company that did it but whatever the cause, I cut a minute from the first mile time to the second mile time and yet another minute off for the third mile. The girl swears it was because we were talking about her brother and how frustrated I am with him. She could be right.

In any case, we finished strong and headed straight over to the New Balance tent. I wanted her to try on the awesome shoes I received at Fitbloggin and they fit her like a glove. After making a note of her size (7.5), we asked the nice New Balance lady to take a post-race picture of us for posterity.

And that's what I should have written about. My life is mostly awesome, I am blessed to have such a wonderful 19-year-old who wants to spend a weekend with me, and not diabetes nor depression can dim that.


Melissa said…
Yay for a great weekend!! NICE!
Completing a 5k (by day or night) is quite awesome! Kudos!
Linda said…
Great post! Your daughter is wonderful - my daughter is 19 also, but she doesn't run. I know the feeling of depression, I have been there, and I'm not sure if I am totally out, but I am a lot better. Feel free to email if you want to chat.
Elizabeth said…
Awesome! Great Job! I would love to run one day, but am still in the weightloss stage of my journey. I wouldnt even know how to begin, thanks for the inspiration.

debby said…
That was a fantastic weekend! You guys look great in your race photo. Very interested in the sugar free jelly bellys. How did they taste?
Anonymous said…
Cute photo! Glad you had so much fun!


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