I don't feel like working out today. I had a bad blood sugar experience last night - a super low followed later, in the middle of the night, by a super high - and I am tired. My body feels like it's been run over several times.

But 45 minutes of physical activities really helps manage my blood sugar. I can eat more food without a blood sugar spike on days that I work out. And if I can manage to walk at least 7,000 steps with at least 30 minutes of that being done in my target heart rate zone (as measured with my heart rate monitor) for every day left in July, I'll earn $75 and make it to another level in the pedometer incentive program at work. (I know $75 doesn't sound like much, but it's the principal of the thing. The principal and also a gorgeous pair of tortoiseshell loafers I've been coveting that I could just about buy outright for $75.)

Then there's the thirty-one days that I have until my next blood work.

OK, so I'll take a shower, get dressed in workout clothes, grab some lunch, then head to the Irvine Local Fitbloggin get together for a brief meet and greet - the blood sugar problems nixed my prior plans to go to the Bay Area Local Fitbloggin, darnit! - then come back home via the gym at work where I can do 45 minutes on the treadmill. What could go wrong with a plan as simple as that, right?


I hope you enjoy your fitbloggin' half as much as I enjoyed mine!
debby said…
Heck yeah, $75 is a big deal. Love the idea of buying shoes with money that you earned by walking!

That's scary about your blood sugar. Keep working at it!
Anonymous said…
This is all a part of establishing the "habit." Can't recall exactly how many days in a row one has to force oneself to act, before it becomes an ingrained habit ... but you know that old adage, I am sure.

Kudos for you for not letting down on your exercise!

Sarah said…
Great on you for keeping with your exercise. And making certain that your HEALTH is the main priority. Best of luck!
Anonymous said…
why not...

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