UPDATE: My visit with the endocrinologist (diabetes doctor) - another video log

I had an appointment with my new endocrinologist yesterday because my primary care physician prescribed that I visit him. I was pretty nervous going into the appointment because I wasn't sure what he would want or need to do to me, or what new "coming to Jesus" message he might have for me. (I've had a few of those recently, if you recall.)

So good news for a change. More than good news, really - validation that what I'm doing, what I'm trying to do most of the time, anyway, is working. Such relief. And motivation to keep going, to press forward, even to go further then I've been going.

I hit the treadmill at work today. On a Saturday. On a holiday Saturday. And I'd already gone Thursday and Friday, too. I want to do something for at least 30 minutes every day. It's so easy to see how much better my blood sugars are when I make cardio a priority, so let's just do it. Perhaps not EVERY day but as close to every day as I can get it. And it won't always be moderate-to-high intensity...sometimes it might just be a walk with the dog or a bike ride around the neighborhood, and that's OK

Wow, it feels so good to be alive. Today is a good day.


gingersnapper said…
Denise, this is fantastic news! I'm glad you are seeing such an immediate result from your efforts; it's so hard to make changes when it just seems to go off into a void. Good on you, girlie.
Linda said…
Yay for a good doctor visit! I have to see an endocrinologist too - I had a cortisol test that came out elevated, but then I had another one that came out normal. But my doctor still wants me to go see him. I hope mine goes well too.

And great job on the treadmill on a holiday! And 3 days in a row - you go girl!
Anonymous said…
So happy for you. What a great (and deserved) payoff!


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