Defcon 4

My mother in law, father in law, and 14 year old nephew all arrive sometime tomorrow and will be staying with us, in our tiny, 1395 square foot, 2 bedroom/1 filthy dirty office, 2.25 bathroom townhouse for four (4!) days. My stress level is off the charts. Fortunately, I think we're approaching being ready.

  • The disastrous office is very near to being habitable by humans and is at least able to be cleaned by trained professionals now (see next item)
  • The cleaning ladies arrive today
  • Alouysius the Wonder Pug's trainer, Carla, is coming tonight to pick him up for a five day vacation
  • All laundry in the house is done, folded, and put away
At this point, what remains is for me to finish the ironing so that I can put all of that away, TCB will hang a few more pictures around the house that have been sitting on the floor since we moved in, we'll need to move the new sofa table next to the window where it will live permanently, and I'll get the pretty placemats and napkins (that I'll iron first) out once the leaf for the table is in place. And that should be just about it.

They're coming to visit because TCB's graduation for his Masters program is on Friday afternoon. I'm really proud of him! Not only does he suffer from multiple learning disabilities but he's also employed full-time, he's Commander of the local American Legion, and he volunteers with United Through Reading. If it weren't for him, I'd find an excuse to disappear for the entire visit. Seriously.

Instead, I'm fighting with crushing depression that made it difficult to even get out of bed yesterday. At one point, I was actually fighting with myself over whether I would even get dressed to find something to eat - my depression nearly won out over my need to binge eat when I'm stressed. Instead I got up, threw on a ratty old day dress, ran to Panera for a sandwich, cup of soup, and half Greek salad. Once I recognized what was going on, it was a lot easier to push the depression aside.

There will be updates over the weekend in case you're interested in my misery. If nothing else, it will give me an excuse to disappear and have some quiet!


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