Five celebrations

Things I'm celebrating at the end of this week:

1. My health - my visit with the doctor last week went so much better than I'd expected and I'm celebrating (again!) the second chance I've been given to take proper care of myself

2. My parents are arriving tomorrow for a two-day visit - I love spending time with my parents! On the agenda is lunch with my "adopted brother" and work colleague, Tony, plus four tickets to the San Diego Padres game on Sunday

3. Financial solvency - today is the day bonuses are paid out at work. I am all too aware of the fact that lots of people don't have jobs at all, much less bonuses, and I am appropriately grateful. Truly

4. My beautiful 19 year old - she was accepted to a great paid internship with the Events Office at her university and I'm so proud of her! Now if only she could be named one of the College Brand Ambassadors for Alesya Bags (she did apply). Come on, she's a former foster youth, she won a national competition for her short documentary about the importance of keeping siblings together in foster care, she's a member of the speaker panel for Voices for Children, and she's an influential member of her sorority - isn't that pretty much the demographic you'd want to put your luxury laptop bags in front of? Still keeping my fingers crossed!!!

5. My manager at work - yesterday was in the 90s outside but in the 50s inside our offices. Brrr. Anyway, my manager saw me grabbing my wallet and taking off my sweater, and she asked if I was going over to the coffee bar to get a latte. When I told her that I was, on my way to an outside meeting I'd booked with one of the data analytics team, she decided to tag along and "crash" my meeting. How many managers would just get up and do something fun/supportive like that? (Yeah, it was probably mostly about the latte, but still...)

What do you have to be grateful for this week?


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