Getting back to what I love

I've been making an effort to reintroduce more of the activities that I love into my life and it's working better than I'd expected.

I'm on an event planning committee for the Junior League this year and am part of a team of four girls putting on two events before the end of this year: a Lunafest film event and a Bloomingdale's shopping event. The film event showcases short films by female filmmakers and will benefit not just the Junior League but also the Breast Cancer Fund. The Bloomingdale's event will happen a few weeks before Christmas so details are still pending, but it sounds like a lot of fun. Again, four of us and two events in the next four months. Good and busy.

I've signed up for a digital photography class, two bread making classes, and a winter gardening class through the local Adult Education program. I also purchased a digital photography seminar from Groupon. I'm tired of talking about photography, making my own bread, and growing winter veggies, so I'm hoping the classes and group support will help me put my day dreams into motion.

Tonight I'm attending the first organizational meeting for volunteers at the My First Home for the Holidays event, sponsored by Just in Time for Foster Youth. JIT was responsible for making sure that all three of the foster kids who've graduated in our family so far had a laptop with printer plus school supplies and a substantial start on furnishing an apartment or dorm room.

So, I'll be staying pretty busy for the next few months, which I think is a good thing. Depression can be really isolating and forcing myself to get out and socialize is a challenge so any motivation that gets me out and in the world is welcome.


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