Reflections on the storm

The east coast had Irene and we had my mother in law. From what I can tell from the news channels, both of us emerged with far less damage than initially expected.

I don't know if it's because we'd prepared really well or if she was on particularly good behavior, but other than constant, mild irritation, I seem to have come away without damage. Am I getting tougher or is she mellowing out? Who knows and really, who cares as long as the end result is the same: a weekend for TCB to visit with his family without me melting down completely.

One factor that I think has been key is our sending Alouysius the Wonder Pug to his trainer's house for the weekend. Knowing that he's safe and not being upset with the hubbub in the house is worth every penny we're paying ($400 for six days of being loved and cared for in a pet professional's home with her own dogs). So, although I miss the little guy terribly, it's really comforting not having to worry about keeping to his routine while she's here.

OK, time to go back downstairs to be social!


I can see I'm not charging enough for in-home pet care. :)

Glad the visit isn't the train wreck you thought it might be!

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