Weekend wrap-up

It was a wonderful weekend at our house.

My folks arrived Saturday morning for a two-day visit to celebrate my dad's upcoming birthday. We went to lunch at a 50s style diner on Saturday then barbecued salmon and steak for dinner. (Yum!) Sunday morning started off with breakfast at a New York style deli/restaurant with my adopted brother/work colleague, Tony, before we all headed off to watch the San Diego Padres take on the Florida Marlins. Daddy and I spent lots of time at Anaheim Stadium, watching the Angels, when I was a kid, so it's always nice when I get to share a game with him. Once we got back from the game, we barbecued hamburgers and served them on whole wheat rolls with all the normal fixings plus a side salad, beautiful mini-size heirloom tomatoes and grilled corn on the cob. (Yum again!) They just left for home after a brief morning together here at the house and I'm sad to see them go but grateful for the lovely time together.

While they were here, Daddy helped TCB put our new (yay!) coffee table together. You might remember that Alouysius the Wonder Pug turned our old coffee table from a rectangle into an octagon when he was a puppy by chewing off all of the corners, so it's great to have a pretty, new one.

I also received the camera bag I'd ordered from Etsy over the weekend, so I've started packing all of my bits and pieces into the bag in preparation for actually starting to use it. (What a concept!)

Speaking of the camera, I really need to go and take some photos of the new coffee table and camera bag - I'll go and do that, then post pictures to go with the words later. Hey, it's Monday, give me a break. :-)


It sounds like a lovely weekend! Family times are the best!

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