Fruits of my labor

This is a series of photos I took while eating my breakfast this morning. My assignment was to play with shutter speed, observing what the various settings do to the lighting of a subject, so you see things going from "bathed in light" to my favorite look which is darker and a little moody

 Also, in this photo you can see the strange, bubbly foam in the fountain. I think the local kids must have put dishwashing liquid in it again because it was fine yesterday when I came by.

After shooting (and eating) for about 30 minutes, I toodled back home to put a load of laundry in before running off to the office for a conference call regarding the upcoming Junior League fundraising film festival I'm working on. While I was there, I also finally installed the software for the new camera and signed up for an outdoor photography class for which I have a Groupon.

I promise this won't become "all photography all the time" but I'm really enjoying this right now and I want to capture what I'm learning. I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about eating, being active, and other compulsive behaviors like shopping, and I'll be back to share them either later today or early tomorrow.


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