Increasing awareness

Well, I'm still eating like crap and not exercising but at least I'm paying attention and trying to listen to my thoughts around food. I'm not hearing anything yet but that will come.

I think I've traced the change in behavior to my last check-in with my doctor, which is strange because that went really well. Maybe it was the fear of a bad check-up that was keeping me on the right path? With a brain as messed up with depression and whatever else as mine, it's hard to get to the bottom of things most of the time.

I do have one piece of good news: I'm starting my first digital photography class tonight. It's three hours per session and we'll meet three times, so nine hours total instruction. I'm so excited! While I was at BlogHer, I started thinking about what makes me happy and ways to bring more creativity and happiness into my life and this was one of the things I wanted to explore. I even got all of the camera pieces together last night for the first time - body, lens, battery (already changed), memory card, and lens filter - and took my first photo. I'll take a picture or two of the whole get up tonight, along with the World's Cutest Camera bag (from Etsy) so that I can share. You put up with all of my whining and self absorption, the least I can do is start posting pretty pictures.


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