Some things I covet

Why do so many fashion companies assume that fat girls don't want pretty clothes that fit and don't make us look like linebackers? I can only speak for myself and say that I have enough discretionary income to buy clothes, shoes, and bags that I love, so why not give me the chance to send some of that money your way? Below are some things that I love that ARE made in my size.

I've been watching this dress for weeks and haven't bought it yet but I'm really thinking about it. I love the swishy skirt and the fitted bodice plus you just can't beat the color.

I'm also in love with these shoes. (Not with the dress above, but with jeans, with black or khaki slacks or skirts, and with a simple work dress.)

Finally, I'm fascinated with this necklace. I want to wear it with sweaters, with my white button-down shirts, and with simple but festive holiday outfits.
 Anything you love but can't quite justify purchasing?


That dress is stunning!!! Great choices. Hmm... what to buy and can't justify just yet.. the new Kate Spade Cobble Hill Leslie and always there are stilettos and Le Creuset that are on my "want" list. However, I have an operation for the Sous Pug coming up that takes priority. One day :)

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