Every day I write the book (but, obviously, not here)

Imagine my horror when I realized that I haven't posted in several weeks. Wow. I have the best intentions of coming here to write something every day and then it doesn't happen. I compose posts in my head, I jot down interesting ideas to write about, but that's as far as it goes.

So what have I been doing?

My Diabetes and Depression class wraps up tomorrow night and I've made major progress, particularly on the depression front. The class focuses on identifying the negative, incorrect thinking patterns that lead to depressive episodes and then replacing them with other at least neutral thoughts instead. I've used that technique with good success several times and am still amazed at how something as simple as saying something over and over in my head (or even out loud when it gets bad) will make the craziness in my head stop. Not just retreat but actually stop. And now I am even able - most of the time - to distinguish between depression and actual sadness because of something external.

We're planning our family trip to Disneyland for Thanksgiving weekend, too. TCB, Candace, and I are all heading off to The Happiest Place on Earth for two days of fun in lieu of cooking, cleaning, running around, and family drama. I know - you're jealous, right? And we're trying to decide between various Magic Kingdom choices for Thanksgiving dinner. Can you say, "Turkey with Mickey"? We can!

Starting tomorrow I'll be taking part in NaBloPoMo which will - if I can stick it out - have me posting every day in November, so fair warning that you'll probably be seeing a lot more of me. Well, not in any improper sort of way - we don't play that here - but I'll be doing a lot more writing and possibly more navel gazing. You've been warned!


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