Never underestimate the importance

In my Diabetes and Depression class this week, I was given three homework assignments. They were, in order: make time for a "fun" activity, take a positive step toward treating my depression, take a positive step toward treating my diabetes. The reason that the "fun" is first is because that's one of the toughest things for someone in the grips of depression to do - have fun - and it can be a huge first step toward clearing your head and getting to a better place mentally. Besides, who can argue with doing something fun?

This week my fun thing is snapping photos as we go about our weekend. Some things need to be done, like shopping and laundry, but there are ways to work in fun even in the required chores. For instance, I want to go to the Little Italy Farmers Market to shop for our produce this morning because it will provide opportunities to snap some awesome outdoor photos, do some nice natural activity, and also get out in the sunshine, and that's a great return on investment.


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