Beautiful day

It was a perfect day in Anaheim yesterday: perfect blue skies, perfect high of 70F, and perfect family.

Our second day at Disneyland was just as good as the first. We wore our matching gingerbread Mickey House ears everywhere and kept hearing people tell us how cute we looked and ask where we found them. We ate yummy beighnets (powdered French doughnuts from New Orleans). We went on fun, favorite rides like Pirates of the Caribbean, it's a small world, Soarin' Over California, Tower of Terror (Candace only!), and Grizzly Rapids (Mick and Candace only). We stood in the perfect spot on Main Street to watch the fireworks and experience the snow.

There were huge crowds compared to Thanksgiving Day and we still had a great time. Our feet hurt and we still had a great time. It took us 90 minutes to find somewhere to eat that wasn't booked solid until 8:30 pm and we still had a great time.

Great new holiday tradition for our family, I think. Definitely one of the best two-day vacations ever.

(Will post pictures once I get home and can download from my camera.)


Jenn said…
We don't really do much for Thanksgiving, since we would rather use vacation time to celebrate Christmas with family. I was thinking that, if I could get the Friday after off (sadly, not a holiday for my office), I'd love to make Disneyland our Thanksgiving ritual.

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