My house is so full of love right now that it feels as though it might burst. It's not just the physical space that's full, either, it's the emotional space, too - love is everywhere.

Our girl is home from school safely. After a dramatic 10 days at UC Davis, this is even sweeter than normal. TCB is home after a day of working on a project for one of his volunteer positions. And I had the whole day off after running Alouysius up to his trainer/Pug sitter's house in Temecula (about 45 minutes north of us) and used every minute to finish errands that have been hounding me for weeks.

We're all home and more than ready to set off on our Thanksgiving adventure at Disneyland. Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait! It's like Christmas Eve and waiting for Santa (if Santa lived at Disneyland instead of the North Pole). Will there be lots of Disney pictures this weekend? Stay tuned!


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